Minimalist Vector

Dexie Mae Pagsignajen

My former mentors, Fred and Alan

My Mentor's wedding

Different colors of Nikay

My childhood bestfriend, Chef Karen

Makarena at the park

Makarena at the park

Belle – beauty and the beast, anime variant

A portrait of a woman and her proud past self

Margaux De la paz – Patrick Nagel inspired art + anime style vector

Coleen Garcia – Minimalist

Honey, the woman from the future…

Self Portrait – Corporate

my italian colleague, the beautiful Caterina Leoni

Pauline – Poopette

Mikee Domingo. My beautiful friend from Leyte.

My good friend shira.. simple vector

Kaye - Eric's good friend, for her birthday present #vector

Self Portrait

My Childhood idol - Vitor Belfort Vector

Birthday Girl - Michelle Mae

College classmate - Jennifer Anne

My Former Boss/Colleague - Viola Galgano

Birthday Vector - my dear friend lauren goodin - kentucky

my good friend gretchen

My Bestfriend - Eric "Pan"

Agnes unfinished

To Kimberly: "All I wanted is to talk to you..."

Classic Movie - Somewhere in time - poster : Animate Vector

My photo storyboard


Vector illustrations
Started with hand drawn sketches, scanned them or transported them digitally and traced via vector application tool (e.g. Adobe Illustrator).

"I love doing vectors of people(subjects like women in particular). My style is Japanese minimalist inspired and is somehow has a resemblance with the the works of the famous illustrator, Patrick Nagel (see website:


Japanese minimalist inspired (personal)


Illustrations, Vectors